Personal Work

The Invisible Photographer offers:

Complete day: On your wedding day I am photographing for as long as you want. No limits. From early in the morning at the hairdresser's, until you leave the party. A complete story, because a lot of beautiful moments are hidden in the edges of the day. A complete story also because I work as an "Invisible Photographer" and thus show your day as it is. Beautifully. Without interfering. Without staging. Without "could you do that again".

Complete delivery: The end product is a wedding album 30x30 cm. In it you will find between 150 and 200 carefully edited photo's. I will hand you the pictures and the album in digital form in the highest resolution. This means you can reorder the album or the pictures from your own archive. This makes it easy for your and there are no hidden costs at a later stage!

Complete security: On your wedding day I take care of double back-ups of all my equipment: cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards. After your wedding day I take care of double back-ups of all files. I even take care of a back-up of myself in case I get seriously ill or injured. Finally I discuss your wedding day planning securely with you. This way I can anticipate important moments. No mistakes, no surprises from my side on your important day.

Completely different: When I take wedding pictures, I do it unnoticed. Invisible so to say. Not by hiding. But by being in the middle of it. And blend in the group. This way the wedding couple is able to enjoy their day undisturbed. And afterwards able to enjoy the pictures as if you are equally in the middle of it all. As you were! I concentrate on four aspects in my photography: light, composition, moment and story. How I do that in the hectic circumstances of a wedding day? I would happily explain that, but the examples of the results you will find on this website and in the books I am happy to show you.

If you want, I also do the standard formal portraits. This I do lean and mean. With the same results. Click here for a few examples.

The price is 2000 euro all-in.
For availability call +31 6 43 88 90 40 or mail info@theinvisiblephotographer.nl.